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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use the jersey customizer?
The jersey customizer is a very powerful tool to place your order while at the same time showing preview illustration of your final product. We have created a tutorial to help you through the jersey creation.

How do I use my Partner Access Code?
Enter the Partner Access Code on the near top right of any page into the field labeled Partner Access Code. Only one Partner Access Code can be used at a time to change your Partner Access Code click remove next to the welcome message on top right of any page and enter a new Partner Access Code.

Is my information secure?
Yes, it is. We recognize the importance of security to our customers so we deployed encryption technology to protect all your credit card, profile and order information.

Is my credit card number secure?
Yes, it is. Your credit card information is encrypted.

When does my credit card get charged?
Due to the custom nature of our jerseys all payments must be received before production begins. Typically after your order is submitted, it is reviewed by our staff and if there are no changes the order is accepted, charged and enters production. By entering your credit card information on this website we do not automatically charge the purchase, instead your purchase is charged once all order information is finalized and approved.

What are the different ways to pay for my purchases?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and cheques. Please note that cheques must be received and cleared prior to production commencing.

Do I need to open an account?
An account is required for all purchases as your profile contains necessary information to process your order such as shipping address and your contact information.

Are there advantages of opening an account before I am ready to checkout?

  • By being logged in while building a jersey, there are options on the Team Players page (during customization) to save your team to your profile. Later when building another jersey design the team can be loaded from your profile without having to re-enter the players information.
  • If you entered player's email addresses during customization all designs in your shopping cart or completed orders will be available to send preview images to your team from the My Account area.

What can I expect after submitting my order?
As soon as your order is submitted an email will be sent to you confirming your order. If you elected to pay by cheque or call-us with credit card information, further instructions will be included. Your order will now appear in the My Account section with order progress indicator. Soon after (within 2 business days) our staff will review the submitted order and if all is ready the order will be sent to production. If there are changes required or you submitted custom artwork that requires quote this information will be provided and must be approved by you before your payment is processed and order enters production.

When can I expect my order?
Usually orders are ready to ship 4 weeks after production begins. It is advised to budget another 1 week for shipping to most destinations. If you require special shipping arrangements please contact us quoting your order number if you have already completed checkout.

Do you offer refunds?
Given the custom nature of our products, refunds can not be offered.

What if there is an error in my order?
We guarantee our orders to meet the specifications as contained on the order confirmation form. In the unlikely event that the final product differs from the accepted order, please take a photograph capturing the area of concern and email it to us at care (at) lagasports.com. If there's in error on our part we will produce a corrected replacement and send it as soon as possible at no cost to you. We may require you to send the faulty product back to us and we will reimburse the shipping charge.

Where do you ship?
Most orders ship inside of Canada and to the US. We can also arrange for shipping virtually anywhere in the world. We have sent orders to places such as Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and Afghanistan.

What are the shipping charges?
Shipping charges are calculated automatically during the check out phase. For destinations outside of North America we will be happy to contact you with a shipping quote.

What if my purchase is delivered damaged?
First please contact us and let us know the extent of the damage. We will provide you with further information at that time. Usually we will file a claim with the carrier and begin production of replacement item(s) for you as soon as possible.