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Ways to create your custom roller hockey jerseys:

1. I am not sure of the design I would like - browse the Elite, Modern and Classic categories of pre-made designs that are ready to be customized with your team's name, logo, sponsors and much more.

2. I know exactly the design I would like and have artwork ready - add the blank product (below) to your shopping cart to access our customization module. During customization, please upload your files and use the shopping cart features to add your players. We will provide an exact quote to process the uploaded artwork after we receive your order request. You will not be charged and production will not begin before you approve all charges.

3. I know exactly the design I would like and I DO NOT have artwork ready - to make your ideas a reality, a graphic designer is required. Sketch your idea (on paper or electronically) and fax or email it to us. We will review the sketch and provide an initial estimate to have a graphic designer transfer your sketch to electronic artwork.

Please note: Graphic designer services are available at rate of $45 CAD per hour.

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Fully Customized Roller Hockey Jersey